Roskam and Duckworth vie for Hyde's seat in western suburb

AP Wire | 10/29/2006 | Roskam and Duckworth vie for Hyde’s seat in western suburb

I saw a ridiculous commercial by Tammy Duckworth today stating that Roskam voted against principals being able to expel students for bringing guns to school. This is the most ridiculous attempt I’ve ever seen by a campaign to skirt the truth to try to make someone think a candidate has a position against protecting children.

It’s low and despicable.

The School Code has it clearly set forth that only the School Board can expel a student from school — not a principal. Any student who brought a gun to school would be immediately suspended and then, at the principal’s discretion, brought to the School Board for expulsion (I doubt any principal would not bring a case for an expulsion to the School Board for a student bringing a gun or any weapon to school).

Then, after being afforded their due process rights the School Board determines by vote if that student is to be expelled from school, the maximum being two years [105 ILCS 5/10‑22.6(d)]. Why is this important? No one person should have the power to expel a student from school — students are entitled their due process rights, an opportunity to confront their accusers, and an impartial body, the School Board, the community’s elected representatives, decide if that student should be expelled.

Now it looks like the Illinois FOP fell for these tactics and is endorsing Duckworth. Hopefully voters will look beyond the flashy commercials and seek the truth.