Trade Grossman In

I’m sick of Rex Grossman, I’m sorry, really sick now. If you read my Super Bowl blog post you already know I’m not a big fan. But I’ve really had it now. Here’s why.

Every campaign in the NFL should be predicated on winning the Super Bowl, at least when you have a defense like the Bears do. The Bears defense is so good, Hester is so incredible, they keep them in every single game regardless of the opponent. In the past two weeks the Bears D has shut down two of the best running backs in the league. Shut them down! So how do we reward that defense? We trot the bumbling, stumbling, fumbling Rex Grossman out there.

All the Bears need is a quarterback who is serviceable, who can move the offense a bit, not do anything spectacular and make a few plays. The Bears have two of those type of quarterbacks on the bench right now. Let me put it this way, if the Bears were a person when it comes to Grossman they would be the aging, balding, middle-aged guy that insists he needs to buy a roadster to somehow compensate for his follicular issues. Sure, roadsters are fun but they have many issues (only two seats, leaking roofs, cold in the winter, propensity to be annihilated in collisions, etc). So the Bears make the same stupid decision, the insane decision when you look at it, to throw the guy who has the potential for brilliance out on the field. What they are doing though is ignoring the plethora of times he hurts this team with his shoddy play.

More or less the Bears are trotting the BMW Z4 out there when all they need is a Honda Accord. Sure, the Accord isn’t the most flashy car, it won’t blow anyone’s doors off but it does its job and delivers you comfortably to your destination with a minimum of trouble. That’s what the Bears need right now, a quarterback that does his job and doesn’t hurt the Bears if they expect to drive back to the Super Bowl.

The Bears lost a game they could have won with a decent quarterback in San Diego. They were a few fortunate calls away from being in real trouble this week at home against a rebuilding Kansas City team. In fact, but for the outstanding play of the defense saving Grossman’s bacon again and again as well as the contributions of the human highlight reel, Devin Hester, they should have lost that game. That’s just plain scary. When you’re depending on your defense to beat the Kansas City Chiefs at Soldier Field then you are in a world of hurt. Lovie, please, wake up.