Palin Shows Her Grit

Photo by asecondhandconjecture.

You know, it’s funny that people would underestimate a woman from rural Idaho who settled in Alaska. Not sure if anyone checked the memo but Alaska is a pretty harsh environment. As such it attracts a type of person that is tough, self-reliant and unafraid to take the tough shots when they’re dished out. Not only that but they underestimated the appeal and down to earth nature of this woman.

Last night she made her debut and she hit the ball out of the park her first time up to the plate. What other person could deliver the tough jabs at Obama and Biden with a smile, a joke, and a nature that is instantly disarming? Suddenly the Obama camp had to run for cover — it was easy for them to make Hillary look cold and disconnected, that playbook is not going to work on Palin so they’re going to have to go back to the drawing board.

In fact they’ve already stumbled several times. How on earth can you compare being a community organizer to being a mayor or the governor of a state? No candidate on either slate has executive experience aside from Palin. They’ve tried to make Alaska look like a small insignificant state that shouldn’t be hard for anyone to run. I guess that would be true if it didn’t border with two other countries she’s had to deal with and provides an enormous amount of raw material backbone to the US economy. Oh, did we also mention it’s the largest state? I guess the Dem mudslinging machine was asleep in geography class and thought that Alaska was to scale on all the little textbook maps. Alaska may be small in population but it is immense on importance to the US.

After that you had Alan Colmes and the morons at Daily Kos questioning Palin getting proper prenatal care during her last pregnancy. Implying that somehow something to do with giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome. They might want to do a little bit of homework next time they try something like that since Down Syndrome is a genetic abnormality and has absolutely nothing whatever to do with quality of prenatal care. Colmes found out about his error and removed the posting but through the magic of Google caching it lives on.

I don’t know, maybe Alan should have just stuck with the party line that Palin should have exercised her reproductive rights and aborted the pregnancy as over 90% of mothers who receive a positive Down Syndrome prenatal screening do. You know, make it easier on herself and the world for not having to deal with a disabled child like Chris Burke. This kind of nonsense is the harshest slap in the face to all of us who are parents of disabled children. To insinuate and to outright lay it out there that somehow she is at fault and a bad parent that caused her child’s disability or there are increased risks of Down Syndrome to children of mothers over forty and that she shouldn’t have even conceived is beyond the pale. Keep writing this trash fellas, Sarah will be sworn in as vice president come January.

I must admit, when she was announced I was concerned that McCain was simply pandering to Hillary voters — trying to come up with a woman to reach out to the rightfully disillusioned Hillary backers. I was concerned she wouldn’t be up to the task. One speech went a long way but looking at this woman’s background has done more for me to silence those notions out. She is instantly disarming and appealing, clearly attractive but also feisty and tenacious (the hockey mom vs. pit bull joke was classic). It was energy that has been absent from the GOP Convention since The Great Communicator bid us all goodbye.

So it’s back to the drawing board for the dirty tricks gang working for Obama. I don’t think the blatant US attack did so hot, in fact I think you poured gas on the fire. It’s going to be a long two months for you guys.