Duffy Hits Endorsement Grand Slam

Not just a majority of the newspapers in the Illinois 26th Senate District endorsed Dan Duffy, all of them did. While his opponent continues to try to spin away admitted lies and allows a PAC to send blatant lies on his behalf, Dan and his message to the voters resonated with all the papers that endorsed him. Here’s a few excerpts:

Dan Duffy Endorsed by The Chicago Tribune
– October 23, 2008

26th District (north, northwest suburbs): Round Lake Mayor Bill Gentes, a Democrat, and Republican Dan Duffy of Lake Barrington, a computer consultant, are competing for retiring GOP Sen. Bill Peterson’s seat. Duffy is a smart, solid guy who has excellent real-world experience. He is troubled by the state’s anti-business climate and wants to hold the line on taxes. Gentes has …given voters a reason not to trust him. He said he was on a leave of absence from his job—but later admitted he had been fired. Duffy is endorsed.

Daily Herald Endorses Dan Duffy for State Senate District 26
– October 21, 2008

Dan Duffy earns our support for his advocacy of Illinois businesses and for his grasp of issues facing our state. His ideas for handling finances – a Web site where you could view every check written by state government – add a refreshing voice to widespread calls for reform.

Northwest Herald

– October 24, 2008

We are endorsing Duffy. A 42-year-old Lake Barrington resident, Duffy states that his goal if elected is to reduce spending and taxes. Duffy said another of his top priorities if elected will be to change the anti-business climate in Illinois. Duffy also favors ethics reform and more transparency in government. Duffy is knowledgeable about statewide issues and would be a fine state senator for the 26th District.

– Oct. 9, 2008

As a small business owner, Dan Duffy found out how hard it was to struggle with the costs of taxes and health
care. One of the biggest issues Duffy wants to take on is corruption throughout the state government. Duffy has been successful throughout his business career. He has taken on more responsibility and leadership roles with groups like the Illinois Leadership Council for the National Federation of Independent Business and the Lake and Cook County Area Action Council for Independent Businesses. He continues to fight to resolve the issues facing small businesses and citizens throughout the area. This style would serve the residents of the 26th District well. We endorse Dan Duffy for the 26th District of the Illinois Senate.