ZAGGkeys Folio - Air Apparent

My iPad 3 and Zagg Folio have been keeping my business life sorted the past couple of years but it was time for a change after I cracked my screen that happened because of the old Folio’s design. My new combo bests the old one is every conceivable way.

First, the annoyances of the old Zagg Folio are gone – impossible to open clasp, kludgy stand design, bulk, weight and near impossible iPad removal are all gone. Zagg clearly surveyed their users on what was wrong with the old design.

The friction hinge design is a huge improvement. No longer will your iPad flop around while you try to get it in the groove and it won’t flip over backwards when it slips out (cause of my prior crack). This also solves the clasp problem, simple thumb notch to help you open is all you need.

The new design is also incredibly thin and light, I hated adding the bulk to my iPad 3 but I really needed the keyboard and was afraid of weighing down my new iPad Air. Your Air simply snaps into the thin back where it has some thin leather padded protection. Taking it back out is a breeze just pressing out on the corners.

Finally the keyboard has a fantastic feel and is incredibly thin as well. Not only that but you have backlit keys as well (simple controlled with its own key on the keyboard). They also added a battery indicator button so when you need to charge is no longer the mystery it once was.

Zagg has done a fantastic job with this product, it’s a huge upgrade that matches the upgrade of my iPad Air itself. Can’t recommend it enough for turning your iPad into a full on laptop replacement.