GOP Needs To Open The Tent

Add another state to the list open to Gay Marriage as a federal judge struck down Wisconsin’s ban today. When the outcome is what really matters I shouldn’t care how, but I do.

I generally like Scott Walker’s policies but I am not happy many in the Republican mainstream are too scared to open the big tent to the LGBT community. I recognize a lot of his political strength comes from some socially conservative areas but I don’t care, you have to lead.

Right now a battle is waging in the Texas GOP after they denied a booth at their convention to the Log Cabin Republicans. Some friends within the Republican Liberty Caucus are fighting that battle with them. It’s a battle for the “hearts and minds” of the GOP.

To me it’s wholly and completely inconsistent for the party that wants government out of your life, out of your home and out of your business to want it in your bedroom. It’s even worse how groups like the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud get treated when they try to make inroads. GOProud imploded under the weight of trying to find an identity and funding. Even in a group trying to aggressively fight the battle to open up the GOP it couldn’t help fighting with itself resulting in the departure of the late Andrew Breitbart from its board.

As a libertarian Republican I know all about the fighting. When I was in the Libertarian Party I was fond of saying “no major party need be concerned to fight with us – we effectively fight and destroy ourselves all on our own”. So, perhaps, these run of court rulings will have a chilling effect on the fight because the battle appears to be over.

I’ve been a long time supporter for getting the government out of the marriage business. The government’s sole role should be in administering civil unions for everyone, gay and straight alike. It’s got no business dictating what constitutes a marriage. That is a clearly Republican position, so when are my fellow Republicans going to get it?